Kashmir Alpine

Kashmir Alpine was established in 1989 by two locals: ski instructor Hamid Dar and mountain guide Yasin Khan. At the time, they had only two pairs of skis.

The war between India and Pakistan left Gulmarg empty of tourists, but that did not stop Yasin and Hamid from opening there rental shop everyday hoping for clients to come. Time changed, the war faded and ski fanatics came to discover Gulmarg. They loved what they found. By the help of a handful of ski bums and adventure skiers, Gulmarg got back on its feet and so did Kashmir Alpine.

Kashmir Alpine is the first Kashmiri private owned company in service providing ski and snowboard rental shops. Holding a unique arsenal of snowboards, powder skis and all mountain safety gear besides rental services, Kashmir Alpine is offering ski instruction, experienced local mountain guides, ski equipment maintenance, hotel reservations, transportation, local sightseeing , trekking in Gulmarg and Srinagar.

The Kashmir Alpine is located at the heart of Gulmarg resort next door to the Highland Park Hotel. The Kashmir Alpine team is on site 24/7 taking care of our guests.